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“Justice is Blind”

But What About

Your Jury?

“A Verdict is

the Direct Result

of What the Jury

Chooses to

Focus On”

Control the Focus

 Control the Verdict


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Trial Graphics
Courtroom/Mediation Presentations
Visual Persuasion Consulting
Video Depositions

Show Me

Trial Presentation


Flawless trial presentation
focuses the jury on your story,
not problems with technology.
When trial presentation
goes wrong,
juries lose focus,
judges lose patience
and you lose credibility.

Recruit the professionals at Category 3 Legal Media, stop worrying about the presentation logistics, and return the focus to winning your trial.


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winning presentations.

Trial Graphics


To succeed at trial in the 21st Century, you must tell your story visually. To that end, we create the most compelling and effective graphics, video and
animations possible.

With decades of courtroom and graphics experience, we’ll bring our winning combination of artistic creativity and courtroom acumen to your trials.


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Trial Consulting


Crafting a compelling visual narrative requires much more than just creating visuals to accompany an existing story. We’ll work with you to develop powerful visual themes that propel your story from opening to verdict.

Once you see our decades of trial and media production experience in action, you’ll never try a case the same way again.

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Video Depositions


We once watched an attorney read 85 pages of deposition transcript to a jury. Out of curiosity, we asked the jurors afterwords what, if anything, they retained from that testimony.

You already know the answer,
don’t you?


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trial arsenal

Tell Us About Your Case


It's never too early in your case to contact us.

A brief conversation now will enable us to tell you if we can help, and what it might cost.

Most importantly, getting in early means we can work with you to map out a pre-trial plan for success at mediation or trial!